unum CMS


[oo-noo m; English yoo-nuh m]




Unum CMS is a complete CMS in one file. Just add a single file to the root on your server, setup your username and password, select a CSS framework (comes with your choice of Bootstrap or Foundation 5) and load up the page. Unum CMS is a fully responsive, W3C-validated HTML5 template with a database-less SEO-friendly CMS that automatically generates an .htaccess file, a sitemap and a navigation. No database to configure; literally almost no setup. You design - your client or webmaster can maintain their SEO and content with the greatest of ease. All in one file thats under 20 KB right out of the box. Coming soon.


stay in touch for updates and release:

email: unumcms [at] gmail [dot] com

twitter: @unumcms

unum cms - copyright 2014 matthew backlas - matthewbacklas.com - twitter: @unumcms

Bootstrap - Code licensed under MIT

Foundation 5 - Code licensed under MIT